99.99% Uptime

Your business needs to be online, so why not partner with a local provider who cares about your business’ success? SupraNet is the partner you are looking for, with a real human being on the receiving end of any phone call or email, and a sophisticated network that spans the region and the nation.

SupraNet has an extensive Fiber Optic network throughout the Madison area, expanding in all directions every year. Fiber provides for unlimited scalability, making your business prepared for any change or future need. Available speeds range from 10 Mbps – 10 Gbps. This advanced technology, which used to be exclusive to big business, is now utilized by businesses of all sizes, so why settle for less?

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Dedicated Connectivity

GUARANTEED Performance.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Fast, Equal Download and Upload Speeds.

Low Latency

Quick loading, VoIP supporting, Business-Class bliss.

24 x 7 Monitoring

We will begin repairs before you notice any downtime.

End-to-end Support

We manage your connection from your office to the edge of the Internet, so there is no cable company or telephone company to slow you down.

Ethernet Handoff

Plug into any Firewall/Router and be online in minutes.

Your business needs a partner that can handle all of your connectivity and hosting needs. Contact SupraNet today at (608) 836-0282 or sales@supranet.net.