SOC2 Type II Certified Data Center

Put your trust in SupraNet for Colocating your invaluable equipment. By relying on our Madison-based, highly skilled technicians for systems administration and network expertise, our clients can focus their energy on their core business.

Whether your need is for primary hosting services or disaster recovery, SupraNet can accommodate even the most complex infrastructures by giving them a strategically located mid-western hub. We also include Maintenance Consulting every month, helping to ensure to help with any remote hands or other hardware needs that may arise.

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Our local primary Enterprise Data Center, at 8000 Excelsior Drive, is built to suit your hosting needs, with the redundant power and diverse connectivity to keep your vital services online. Further, our business is SOC2 Type 2 audited, which assures our facilities meet the highest industry standards.

As a SupraNet Colocation customer with SupraNet Fiber or Wireless Internet Services, you will get the added benefit of a private connection between your office and your server in SupraNet’s Enterprise Data Center.

Your business needs a partner that can handle all of your connectivity and hosting needs. Contact SupraNet today at (608) 836-0282 or