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SupraNet also provides email hosting services, spam & virus filter services, web hosting, and consulting.

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Email Services

Email Hosting Services

A professional and secure email address for each of your business’s employees is the foundation for a successful business, and SupraNet can easily address this need. Why trust your vital email with just any provider, when you can rely on a local partner that has been helping business do more on the Internet for over 20 years. With SupraNet Email Hosting Services, your email is protected with Spam and Virus Filtering and is even backed up to multiple Data Centers.

Spam and Virus Filtering Services

SupraNet offers a comprehensive Spam and Virus Filtering Service to combat this well-known nuisance and significantly decrease the amount of Spam and virus-infected email your company receives. Our technicians can work with you to help protect your email, whether or not you host your email with SupraNet. This protection includes blacklisting, whitelisting, and comprehensive scans of all your company’s incoming email.

Web Hosting

Every business needs a strong web presence, but you don’t have to settle for a faceless Internet company that doesn’t have your businesses best interest at heart. SupraNet is your local partner, with the technical expertise to host any website, and the requisite infrastructure to keep your business online.

Our Web Hosting Service can accommodate Unix or Windows websites including MySQL or Microsoft SQL databases. We also provide for SFTP access to your website’s files and can secure your website with an SSL Certificate. Your website’s files are even backed up to multiple Data Centers..


SupraNet has a variety of technical staff, with an incredible depth of expertise in the subjects of Systems Administration, Network Engineering, and even Project Management. SupraNet has repeatedly been recognized in the InBusiness Executive Choice Awards as the Preferred IT Consultant; a true testament to the high customer satisfaction that SupraNet has consistently attained. Our team is committed to helping your business achieve your objectives through an array of IT consulting services.

As examples, our recent consulting projects have included:

  • WAN and LAN Design
  • Client VPN and Site-to-Site VPN Implementations
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Network and Security Analysis
  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Vendor Selection
  • Server Configuration and Deployment

Your business needs a partner that can handle all of your connectivity and hosting needs. Contact SupraNet today at (608) 836-0282 or